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biospiritual focusing

why biospiritual focusing?

Because focusing is a practice that has not become empty or tired for me, but continues to offer space and insight toward what is most real. First helping me to find kindness and gentleness for what is within me. Always meets me right where I am.  Even becoming a portal to the All. 

BioSpiritual Focusing is a method for listening to the wisdom of the body. For nurturing what is real. Can be  a method for releasing old hurts. Is a method for creating a new relationship with yourself.  

(Think inner lover instead of inner critic).

a simple practice

Preparing a space to rest comfortably. Growing quiet and going within - follow the breath - let the body relax. Becoming aware of your body’s language by listening.

1 paying attention to what is 
   What is taking up space inside of me right now?
What needs loving presence? 
Is there anything keeping me from feeling really good in this moment?

2 feeling / sensing / choosing which is number one 
   Allowing the issue or feeling to make itself known
   Does this want my attention or can I set it aside ?
   Does this feel familiar or is this something new?

3 asking your body / self  “is it okay to be with this?”
   If yes, go to step 4. If no, have a caring presence for not wanting to be with it. 
Be gentle with what is. 

4 letting go into this sense in your body with caring presence
   Just being with it - notice how my body is holding this 
   Sensing the whole of it
   No need to change or fix or figure it out
5 noticing and nurturing and unfolding
   Stay with the sense - offering presence and affection
Is there an image or memory or feeling or symbol? 
Offer support to this part of your body by touching or holding it

6 ending and gratitude
   Recall how you felt at the beginning of this practice
Do you notice any similarity/ difference - a shift, release? If it feels the same, that’s ok.  Allow yourself to be grateful - to your body for holding this, for being able to be with it.  Simply rest in this space and notice how your physical/emotional body feels now or journal any feelings or thoughts.


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sacred holding

Here is a method I find very similar to focusing, offered as a spiritual practice by Jamal Rahman. Sometimes different words or a new articulation can open up new places for us...


Sacred holding is a supremely powerful technique meant to be practiced for a lifetime. When negative feelings come up in you, take time to do this exercise at the earliest opportunity.


• The first step is to allow yourself to experience. Tell yourself that every feeling is valid. Ask yourself, "What feeling is coming up in me?" Name that feeling. Maybe it is anger, sadness, jealousy, or bitterness.


• In the second step, ask yourself, "Where do I hold this feeling in my body? Locate the feeling. It definitely has a resting place in your body. We are able to experience a feeling because it registers as a physical sensation somewhere in the body.


• In the third and very important step, receive this "holding" in your body with compassion for yourself. Encompass the physical sensations in your body with the embrace of your soul. From your heart, send love and mercy to this physical holding. Talk tenderly to yourself; cultivate a gentle rapport with yourself. Tell yourself, for example, "I'm sorry you feel this. . . . This is difficult. . . . Let me tenderly support you. . . . " At this time there is no need to fix or analyze the sensations, simply a need to be present with the holding for as long as you want. This is the process of trembling.


• In the fourth step, focus gently on the holding in your body and intent to inhale and exhale through that part of you. Allow divine breath to caress you there.

These four steps acknowledge, nurture, and integrate those feelings in God's Light. Slowly, as you persist with this technique, an amazing shift occurs: that which was negative, irksome, and painful, integrates and now transforms into a source of strength and wholeness in you.


Because sacred holding encompasses all feelings, it is possible to do this practice with positive feelings that come up in you. Tremble with the feelings and express gratitude in your heart for the blessing.


In the moments that you open up to the joys and sorrows of life, the gateway to the heart opens.


— Jamal Rahman in The Fragrance of Faith

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