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about patty


I am a life-long Nebraskan. My husband Michael and I have been married for 30+ years. We have two daughters and an old little puppy. It is strange and wonderful to see how the years unfold our lives.

I work with individuals and groups as a spiritual director.  I teach centering prayer, welcoming prayer, enneagram, compassion, bio-spiritual focusing. I lead workshops and retreats.


I have had many teachers, companions and guides along the way - beginning with Christian and expanding to masters and mystics from many traditions.  ​My work is especially formed by Internal Family Systems, BioSpiritual Focusing, enneagram, trauma healing, Reiki and other energy work, Gurdjieff's 4th Way work and the emerging we-space. 

Writing and drawing is also an important part of my journey and some of my efforts can be found on this site. I have also come to see the truth of the Thich Nhat Hanh's words: The next Buddha may be a Sangha. On the resources page are a few of these communities I am personally involved with.

I have also self-published a couple small volumes of poetry.  If you would like to purchase a copy, please send me a note below.


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